Our Goal

Oleum: Our goal

Oleum's latest endeavor is a robot that will automatize the cleaning up of oil spills. A leading method in cleaning up oil spills are skimmers and booms. Booms contain the oil in one spot; tubes are often used as booms. Skimmers, as the name implies, skims oil off the surface of the water; skimmers often take the form of boats and vacuums. What Oleum seeks to do in their latest product is to minimize the need for human input while cleaning up spills, while making the overall proccess more efficient.

Our Latest Product

Oleum's latest robot is designed to clean up oil spills quicly and efficiently. As soon as a spill has been reported, Oleum is automatically deployed. Dropped on the effected area, booms expand; this effectively isolates the effected area from the rest of the ocean. Once bomms have successfully been deployed, skimmers are sent to skim the top layer of ocean. The skimmer has two main jobs: To seperate oil from water, and to store the oil. Each skimmer is equiped with a battery, a solar panel, a storage container, and a propeller. Our hope is that, one day, this entire proccess will be truly automatic; ready to deploy at a moment's notice.


Power Source Battery/Solar
Operation Autonomous
Estimated Cost $20,000
Estimated Release Date May 4, 2020